Imagine you knew EXACTLY what you need to rock your next launch.

Planning a product, online course or any online project launch can be daunting. The technology, marketing strategy and your mind setting - it can be overwhelming!


Don't fret, because with a proper framework and guidelines, you can totally rock your launch and nail every step to get your ideal clients reaching for their wallet.  

Discover the Simplest Method of Launching Your Digital Products or Services

Work with me to make it easy for you to launch your digital products or services... even if you have no online launch experience before.

There is big money to be made in a properly executed launch. And if you are like most online entrepreneurs, you’d probably love to rock your launch and get your sales rolling… but there’s a huge problem.


Strategic and effective launch seems hard.


Coming up with a great idea… one that people will actually pay you for is one thing. Then you have to figure out how to turn your idea into an actual revenue producing product.

After many weeks or months, for some, years... of "perfecting" your product, the dreaded launch has to happen. 


But... how would you even do a launch plan? When should you launch? Where should you launch? What platform should I use?


You posted your offer on Facebook and then.... crickets. Why aren't they buying?!

Most People Give Up On Their Great Ideas

The problems you are experiencing in launching your product are not unusual.


Virtually everyone who wants to launch online goes through something similar.


Along the way, most of them decide the process is too:


  Frustrating and


That’s why plenty of smart people give up their great idea and miss the opportunity of making money online.


It’s not that they CAN’T do it … they can.


It’s just a huge pain to figure out all the details on your own.


That is why, I am here for you.

Let's make your next launch a success.

Work with me on a 90-day 3-phase program to nail your next launch.

  • Launch Strategy

    A step-by-step, complete solution to from creating your pre-launch marketing strategy through crafting your irresistible offer that your ideal client simply cannot resist.

  • Weekly Consulting/Coaching

    So, you've got the framework but the awesome you want that next level direct support just to make sure you are doing it right. 

  • Post-Launch Review

    Inside out audit of your recent launch and provide you with recommendation for your next big launch. Let's get your sales soaring the next time around.

Want to launch a Virtual Summit?

If virtual summits are your thing, let's get in touch I have organised and launched several successful events in the past. I'd love to know more about your virtual events.

Phase 1- Launch Strategy

A step-by-step, complete solution to confidently execute your next great launch.

From creating your pre-launch marketing strategy through crafting your irresistible offer that your ideal client simply cannot resist, the Launch Strategy will uncover all that you need to understand what makes up a successful, pain-free digital product launch.

  • Scale your business

    Eliminate the overwhelm of scaling your business.

  • Make bigger impact

    Serve your audience better by widening your reach and your impact.

  • Confidently execute

    An easy to follow framework you can execute as if you are already a pro.

  • Get to know you

    We'll kick things out in a 2-hour get to know your business session.

  • Work on a potion

    I'll work on a potion to that will take your launch and your business to the next level.

  • Plan Hand-over

    We'll jump on another call to discuss the plan and you'll walk away with a step by step easy to follow domination plan!

Founder of Boundless Events

Luna Salunga

We’ve consulted with Bev for our various events. Her passion for marketing can be felt in every project she completes, her service makes it easy for us to accomplish digital marketing tasks efficiently and effectively. Highly recommended.

Internationally Certified Trainer

Lailie Ann Rabe

I consulted with her on a several projects and I was amazed at the depths of her knowledge and expertise.  She can build an audience and grow it organically without having to spend a cent! And get this, she managed to execute an event within only 2 weeks and had registrants of more than 2,000 people. Amazing!

Phase 2 - Weekly Consulting/Coaching

So, you've got the framework but the awesome you want that next level direct support just to make sure you are doing it right. And just in case you have some challenges we can work on together.

In this 90-days coaching session, I will be your product launch BFF, holding your hands along the way. Everything you need for a successful launch plus a weekly 1 hour one-on-one call. 

  • Everything and more

    We will cover all services included on the Launch Strategy

  • Consulting/Coaching calls

    Weekly 1-hour coaching session for the whole 90-days of working with me.

  • Strategy deep-dive

    We will deep dive on the strategy, talk about your challenges and obstacles.

  • Swipe Files Access

    Access to my (almost) done-for-you swipe files to get your momentum going.

  • Tech walk through

    I'll take you through the tech that I am using to see if it fits your needs.

  • Extra 6 hour 1-on-1 call

    6 extra hours of one-on-one calls for times that you need that extra consulting or coaching 

Founder of Above & Beyond Fitness

Aris Siegfrid Serquina

I learned so much from Bev, I saw instant result in my business, even before applying everything that I’ve learned. Her lessons are personalised and her approach is perfect for people who are passionate about their business.

Phase 3 - Post-Launch Review

Not sure how your last launch went? 

I will do an inside out audit of your recent launch and provide you with recommendation for your next big launch. And get your sales soaring the next time around.

  • Job well done you!

    We will review what have you done well in your launch.

  • Area of improvement

    We will see what areas we could have improved in your launch

  • Detailed Report

    Get detailed report on analysis and recommendation base on your data. 

  • Where to next?

    We will talk about what we could do for your next launch

  • Investigation Report

    With the assets you will be providing, I will give you my investigations and ideas.

  • Build Confidence

    By the end of our session, you will be ready for your next big launch.

So, how much does it cost?

Each payment plan comes with 14-days money back guarantee.

ONE-OFF Payment

Pay in Full


BONUS: $50/hour rate - for when you need more extra consulting hours ($100/hr regular rate)

3 Months Instalments

Distribute the cost over 3 months


BONUS: $70/hour rate - for when you need more extra consulting hours ($100/hr regular rate)


14 Days Money Back Guarantee

After our first 2-hour consultation session, if you feel that what we accomplished together will not work for you, provided you show a proof that you applied my recommendations and got ZERO result. I will refund your payment 100% - no questions asked.  Check out the terms and condition of this refund policy here. Simply email me with a subject line - COLD COFFEE and the refund will be on your way.

Bev B. Jones

Founder,  Amplify Digital


Get your first 30-minute consultation FREE!

Not sure if you want to work with me yet? 

Bev helped me run virtual events and now she's also helping me build my own brand. Bev is a great addition and assets in marketing, building funnels strategy and building a system.

Ning Tadena

Life Coach and Professional Make Up Artist

If not for Beverly our virtual event wouldn't have run smoothly as it did. Our participants came back to us on what a great job we did but I give credit to Beverly because she made sure everything is running smoothly.

Sanaiyah Gurnamal

Founder and Owner at The Third Eye Wellness


She helps leaders build brand authority & transform their message into a revenue-generating machine.


She is a qualified Events Manager and Digital Marketer with over a decade of experience.


She is also a Mum, Wife, Trader, yoga pants lover, and a recovering perfectionist.


  • Virtual Events Planning & Management

  • Digital Product Launch Strategy

  • Done For You Sales Funnel


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